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🇺🇦☮️ Note to readers: Thanks for coming! Given the extreme situation of humanitarian crisis that the world is currently going through, please make sure to also direct your efforts to those needing it the most, our friends from Ukraine.

You can find some information on donations for Ukraine here:

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We would be happy to have your financial support, to cover present hosting expenses and enable more interesting content in the future. We are currently three writers, and try to provide a series of readable articles for all stripes of open-source enthusiasts, covering everything from new free software projects to deeply technical issues.

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Or, to cover hosting expenses alone, you can use our referral link for DigitalOcean, as starting an account on their site will turn into hosting credit that TuxPhones will use for the next months. With our coupon, you will get $100 of free credit after loading the first $25 into the account, and help us run TuxPhones for approximately two or three months.

Out of philosophical and environmental reasons, we stopped accepting cryptocurrency donations since 2021.