The "10 Year Smartphone" initiative aims for a sustainable mobile ecosystem

The "10 Year Smartphone" initiative aims for a sustainable mobile ecosystem

Prolonging the lifecycle of electronic devices is the driving force of most projects that work on mobile Linux - one of which, in fact, is particularly famous for having a "10-year life" for its devices as its slogan - and the Linux kernel has proved to be the de facto future-proof codebase for almost any computer from the 90s onwards.

But more in general, the paradox we see more and more frequently are mobile devices with often equivalent computational power and memory than desktops being dismissed as "laggy" or old-fashioned within two years, with support being dropped quickly after their release. This project is a new attempt to bring more attention to this issue, from both a developer-oriented and a legal perspective, focusing on right to repair as a need of all devices rather than an ethical surplus.

The 10 Year Smartphone project, however, is not as technical as those that we usually cover. Or, better, it is technically branded a crowdfunding page, but we will refrain from giving any more spoilers, since the best way to find out about the project is to visit it directly.

The future is calling Join the movement! Get the phone Phone characteristics Designed to be repaired – can be fully disassembled with a single screwdriverBattery super-quick to replace – in 5 seconds, like the old days10 years of software support - yes, we mean it, it works for a decade10 year FREE …

The campaign was launched by the Restart Project, and sponsored by the leading ethical mobile maker Fairphone, alongside iFixit founders and several leading politicians, writers and academics.

However, as the project seems to equally welcome those of us that belong less to the spotlight, you can read more and take action for the 10 Year Smartphone campaign on its website.