⚡ Official "Fedora Mobility" project targets PinePhone (and more)

After several years of inactivity, the official Fedora Mobility SIG team has been revived to work on bringing the popular Linux distro to the PinePhone in the immediate future, but also aims for expansion to other devices in the future. This interest may be originated from the work of @jhanikhil, who ported Fedora ARM to his PinePhone, and created a custom COPR repository to host mobile packets such as the Phosh shell, the Chatty IRC client and several others.

The announcement, linked below, was made public last week by Kevin Fenzi on the official mailing list.

(Re)Announcing the Mobility SIG!
The official announcement by K. Fenzi

Several channels have been given to communicate with the team:

Mobility - Fedora Project Wiki

Via: Twitter / @r_pawlinski