⚡ The status of camera on the PinePhone: drivers, autofocus, color curves and more

After many months of work, omnipresent postmarketOS developer and photography enthusiast Martijn Braam has worked on turning the PinePhone camera not only into something working, but pushing the boundaries of the entry-level OV5640 sensor and its basic lens.

Initially just drivers and scripts to obtain image data were done, then Martijn moved on to polish the image data, develop a lightweight Gtk3 application, Megapixels, to take pictures from the PinePhone, and finally started working on tweaking the configuration and color settings and adding support for autofocus to the phone.

As hinted above, this process happened over a relatively long time, and has been documented in a saga of articles, all going in-depth, being very readable and full of technical details at the same time.

Camera on the PinePhone
A demo script for using the cameras on the PinePhone
PinePhone camera part 2
Follow up on the PinePhone camera post with front camera support
PinePhone camera adventures, part 3
The new PinePhone camera app Megapixels and other camera ramblings.
PinePhone Camera pt4
The fourth part in the PinePhone camera improvements series. Now with more color and focus.