⚡ Plasma Mobile gets major UI improvements, several bugfixes

From being one of the earliest desktops to embrace the mobile Linux world, Plasma Mobile has already become one of the stablest and most complete mobile desktop environments thanks to continuous work by its team. What looked like a pre-alpha experiment years ago is now one of the most usable mobile environments, with improvements to the UI and bugfixes landing every month. The newly released Plasma Mobile October monthly update post (linked below) just reported several more, which we condensed in this post with those coming from the last six months, which were not covered so far.

NeoChat is the official Matrix client for Plasma Mobile

Here is a summary of the most relevant changes:

October, 2020

The new, beautiful KCalendar app
  • Improved app/task switcher UI, with thumbnails for windows now being shown
  • Many lock screen improvements (new PIN screen) and bugfixes
  • Added Bluetooth and torch quick settings
  • New apps: Rattlesnake (metronome), Neochat (Matrix); major improvements for KClock, KWeather, Spacebar (SMS), Alligator (RSS), Calindori (calendar)
  • Update Neon images to Ubuntu 20.04 Focal

September, 2020

The new, fully responsive Plasma Mobile lockscreen
  • Improved file dialogs
  • New virtual keyboard (maliit2)
  • Rewritten responsive lockscreen
  • Improvements to KClock, KWeather, Arkade (QtQuick game collection)

May to August, 2020

  • New apps: KClock, KWeather, Kalk (calculator / currency converter), Kontrast (contrast ratio calculator), Voice recorder
  • Improved: Angelfish, Calindori, Alligator
  • Improved file dialogs
  • New Plasma Shell design, plus several bugfixes and new features

You can find the latest update posts here: